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Post by Chaf » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:44 pm

So, I come from that Reddit link someone posted.

I'm a big Tetris fan. It's super cool to see people make new clients. Especially online clients. I also think that, where how fan online clients goes, we're kinda always go for SRS and a meta based a lot on speeds, reflexes and pattern recognition. Which are big virtues in Tetris.

But I have to ask. Why making a Cultris 2 clone? What's the leitmotiv, there? What SpeedBlocks have more, compared to Cultris?

I apologize if I sound rude, there. I'm not trying to fire shots, I'm really clueless. There's so much things we didn't explored on online (and offline) fan Tetris clients that I kinda have hard time getting why people would remake something we kinda already have.

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Re: Why?

Post by super » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:32 pm

Hey Chaf!

I guess I'm just a sucker for Cultris... :-)
I set out to make this mostly as a way to pick up c++ programming after being away from it for almost 10 years.
As far as tetris games goes Cultris is the only one that's really ever stuck with me, primarily for the combo system they use where speed is values over making tetrises and T-spins.

As to what SpeedBlocks has that Cultris lacks are so far a few things IMO.
  • Alot better performance, in terms of FPS and how fast and accurate it responds to input
  • Fully customizable DAS
  • In game supported tournaments, create one on the fly or play in the scheduled ones. This also comes with tournament points for long term ranking and stats and 4 different level of tournaments awarding different kind of points. The idea is to require points in the lower leves to be allowed to sign up for the higher level ones.
  • 1vs1 matchmaking system that pairs you with the best match and you play Bo7
  • Ranking system is divided in 1vs1 ranking and FFA ranking. The 1vs1 ranking is ELO based and intended to reflect the players skill accurately, where as the FFA ranking is based on the HearthStone ranking systen. You start at lvl25, and go up until you reach 0 (Called Hero). At thtat point you get access to a new Hero room where only Hero players can play and you have ELO ranking here to decide who holds the top spot among you. The idea here is to have a fairly frequent reset, every month or so
There are also still some things missing, like ingame stats, achievements and badges... but the development is ongoing.
Another thing I was hoping for when starting this project was to let the game develop according to what the community wants.
So far the player base is still quite small, and the forum is not very active... but this could change at any time I guess. :-)

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